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Limu Poke Selection Rationale

Here are the Limu Poke Leviathan competitors and the reasons we selected them to compete.

Marujyu Market - Among the folks from Central District Aiea/Pearl City, this place is famous for their poke and Hawaiian food.  This place didn't rank too high in the Shoyu Poke Showdown, but people said their limu poke is way better than their shoyu poke. Also on KHNL Cheap Eats, Lyle and Sam named this as one of their regular stops.

Keeaumoku Seafood - My friend Sean, who is the self proclaimed "Poke Master" recommended this place as one of his favorites. He said they use some of the freshest and best quality cuts of fish he's ever had. These guys came in 4th place in the Shoyu Poke Showdown. 

Poke Stop - In 2007 was named 3rd place for Best Poke in the Honolulu Advertiser People's Choice Awards. In 2006 was named in the top 3 best poke in the Honolulu Weekly.

Tamashiro Market
- We didn't include these guys in the Shoyu Poke Showdown so this is their first appearance as a competitor. These guys have been selling fresh seafood in Kalihi for decades. I heard they get 30 kinds of poke to chose from. The folks at KHNL called this place "one of the most recognizable landmarks in Kalihi."

Ono Seafood - This place came highly recommended by the Tasty Island blogger as the "best" poke in Honolulu.  And then, self-proclaimed "Poke Master" Sean said this place was one of his top picks. If you google this place you will find that choke people refer to this place for the best poke.

Alicia's Market - For the past 40-50 years, this place has been well known among local folks for their poke and roast beef and char siu ribs and other grinds. Also was recommended by some of the Moms on

JJ Seafood - The reigning champ of Shoyu Poke.  My Uncle Shag, from the Windward side, recommended this place as one of the best poke he's had. He's not a self-proclaimed "Poke Master", but he's the Uncle that get plenty experience with beer and pupus.

Fort Ruger Market - In 2006 was named in the top 3 best poke in the Honolulu Weekly. On Dan's Hawaii blog, it was named best poke in Hawaii. Oishii Eats blog called this poke a big hit

Foodland - They came in 3rd place for Shoyu Poke, but how would their limu poke do up against the little specialty poke shops.

Foodland (control double entry) - We entered Foodland shoyu poke 2 times to test the judge's credibility. If the judge's knew what they was doing, they should score the Foodland pokes about the same.

Costco - Our 2nd place winner for shoyu poke because their sauce was so ono according to the judges.  Their shoyu poke get action, but how does their limu poke rate.  We wanted to see how this big store would hold up against some of the Mom and Pop fish markets.

Tanioka's Seafood and Catering - Named "Best Poke" from 2006 thru 2008 in the Honolulu Advertiser's Best of the Best People's Choice Awards. This place is legendary among local folks for their poke and other grinds like their fish patty musubi and fried chicken. Self-proclaimed "Poke Master" Sean likes this place too.  They didn't do so well in the Shoyu Poke Showdown, but we think their limu poke will be force to reckon with.