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What Is Pipi Kaula?

I not one pipi kaula expert at all. I mean I ate the stuff regularly at luaus and parties, but I never did know how it's prepared, what kind meat it is, it's origins and all that good stuffs. So last week I Googled it and found this article by Catherine Kekoa Enomoto of the Honolulu Star Bulletin that had a really good explanation of pipi kaula and had some recipes too. I try check for the article again today and it's gone. It says the link is outdated. Hopefully if somebody contact them they repost it. Was one interesting article. Here's what little I remember from Ms. Enomoto's article. Was something about Pipi kaula being spiced dried beef and it translates to "beef string". She was talking about in the old days, they used to braid the raw beef like one string and then hang it to dry hence the name "beef string." And then Ms. Enomoto said something about pipi kaula being similar to beef jerky, but more soft and tender. Sorry, I don't remember the recipes she had written about. That's all I remember, so if you like get way more accurate information about pipikaula, check out these links...
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