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Mochiko Chicken Musubi by Akyth, Inc.

Akyth Inc.(Kalihi)

979-C Robello Lane (map)


Another popular ono thing at Akyth is the mochiko chicken musubi. Rice cooked perfect. Homestyle mochiko chicken thighs fried up with slightly crisp edges and just enough of the salty/sweet flavor. I think they take the time to trim the fat off cause was just right greasy and no globs of fat. They leave the skin on. Larger size musubi that is hard to eat by hand...need fork or big hands. I got three of these babies along with a large order of bentos cause they only do large orders and catering. I think the lady was mad at me again cause I asked her, "eh, how come you guys no do plate lunch?" and she gave me stink eye with the silent treatment. Call-in, they fax you a menu and you pick-up only. No dine in. It's in a bus' up warehouse in the back alley and no more signage. You might be scared, but just focus on the food and everything turn out alright. They get all kine other local Japanese grinds da kine Grandma used to make. In case you curious, here's a mochiko chicken recipe that sounds delicious.