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Roast Pork Loco Moco by Big Island Grill (Kona)

Big Island Grill
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, (808) 326-1153

Another mahalos to the same WOW Grinds reader for sending another Kona grinds story. "I love for grind roast pork and I love for grind loco moco. When I went spock a combo creation of my favorite grinds I had for try um. The roast pork loco moco is a Friday special at Big Island Grill. Was small kind expensive at $9.75, but you get one bamboocha amount of food. The base of this tower was 3 scoops rice in triangle formation topped with 3 thick slices of roast pork, 2 eggs any style, and gravy all over. The rice was firm and sticky, but not mushy. The roast pork was not supa tender, but was perfectly seasoned. The easy-over eggs were a little over cooked, but still had enough yolk for mix with the rice. The gravy was ono. Big Island Grill’s roast pork loco moco is worth trying at least once." Check out this this other video instruction on making a loco moco.