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In A Rematch, Could These Stews Take The #1 Spot?

After the Beef Stew Bonanza, I became more of a beef stew lover. Recently I tried the beef stews at Yama's Fish Market on Young Street and at Haili's Hawaiian Food at Ward Farmer's Market. I was curious to see how these stews might compare to the top stews in the Beef Stew Bonanza. I'm no beef stew expert, but these stews were ono as can be, especially with the rice. But I wonder if they get enough of that special "oomff!" to dethrone Highway Inn's #1 beef stew or Helena's Hawaiian Food's #2 Beef Stew. Yama's beef stew was thicker viscosity and was slightly on the tomatoey side flavor. While Haili's was slightly more watery, like Hawaiian style stew, and little bit on the beefy side flavor. Both had good amounts of melt in your mouth chunks of beef with just enough fat to chew on. Veggies were cooked perfect in both. Both were rich and full of flavors. I could've ate another serving or two or three of each. I wonder if they taste even mo bettah day old.

Yama's Fish Market Beef Stew Bowl

Haili's Hawaiian Food Beef Stew Plate