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What Makes This Sausage Samoan?

The Hungry Lion
Nuuanu Shopping Center

Mahalos to Beau T. for telling me to try the ono Samoan Sausage at Hungry Lion. At first I thought he was BSing me, but it's actually on the menu near the bottom. You get 2 large Samoan bangers (sausages), 2 eggs and 2 scoops rice for about $6.25. We asked and the server and she said, "it's from Samoa." It tastes almost like other sausages with the crispy skin and the savory luscious filling, but it has a slight stickiness to the filling. Maybe from a special Samoan ingredient? I tried Googling it and one site that came up was the Le Manai Brand food products that sells Samoan Bangers. But they don't list the ingredients. If anybody knows the ingredients and what makes these bangers Samoan, I like know.