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Bowling Alley Bakery - Lemon Drop Crunch Cake

The Alley at Aiea Bowl
Aiea Shopping Center
(next to Dirty Lickins')

Ok, nuf already with the chicken wings posts. We ate at The Alley again cause we had one Entertainment Book coupon for buy one entree get one half we was having our monthly hunger for the tasty chicken. Of all the ono stuffs at The Alley, the Lemon Drop Crunch Cake might be the best. Get one 3-layer version and a 5-layer version too. I not one expert on baked goods, but if I had to describe this cake, I would say it's semi-sweet like Japan style bakery. The cake part is light and moist. The lemon curd cream between the layers is lemony, but not cringing kine lemony. And the toffee bits on top crumble nicely in your mouth. Small kine expensive at about $5 one slice, and worth every penny.