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What is a malasada?

Brah...if you Google the question, "what is a malasada?" you get choke plenty websites that tell you all kine stuffs about malasadas was first made by the people of the Sao Miguel Islands, it was originally made to use up leftover lard and sugar before Lent, Malasada Day is the day before Ash Wednesday, not supposed to have one hole in em, and all kine funny kine stuff lidat. So what is it? Basically it's a yeast dough, deep fried and rolled in granulated sugar. But get variations among the different malasda masters in Hawaii. Some more light and airy. Other places stay more eggy and butter. Even get some that more dense and bready almost like andagi. One thing guarans about Malasadas is it's best eaten fresh out of the fryer. I would say if it sits more than 10 minutes, still taste ono, but the magic is lost. If you really interested in Malasada information, try check out some of these sites...
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