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What is Limu Poke?

I not one limu poke expert, but I enjoy eating it. So here's my amateur take on limu poke from my experiences eating it over the years. Usually it starts of with fresh bite size cubes of ahi or aku. Then get the limu...usually ogo...either the thin soft one or the thicker crunchy kine or a mix of the two. Once in a while people use other types of limu, but I don't know the names. Then they add tasty stuff like inamona (roasted kukui nut), alae red sea salt, chili pepper and sometimes different types of oil like sesame or macadamia nut. You might see people putting onion and green onion inside, but I heared that some limu poke purists frown upon that practice and consider it a contaminant to the limu poke.  Most of the poke shops call it limu poke, but a handful of places call it Hawaiian Style Poke. For more information about poke and some prize winning limu poke recipes check out Aloha Festival's Poke Contest and Ma`ona.