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What is meat jun?

To be honest, I not quite sure what meat jun is and I couldn't find too much online about its origins either. So here's my best shot at describing this delicacy...

It's Korean...das right yeah? I pretty sure it's Korean. Anyways it's thinly sliced beef that seems to be marinated in some kind of sweet/salty shoyu sauce. The meat is usually ultra tender. Then the meat is dipped in some kind of egg batter then it's deep fried which transforms it in to the yellow meat jun goodness. Then they slice it up and serve it with a shoyu type dipping sauce. Sometimes you get the red Korean Koochujung sauce too for double dip action.

What I noticed over the years is that some places get a more soft eggy batter while others get a more crispy chewy batter. Both taste good, but just different.

As for the origins of this dish, I always thought it was a traditional Korean dish, but people on the mainland said the mainland Korean restaurants no serve meat jun. And if you ask the Korean servers for meat jun, they look at you funny kine. I think only recently it's popping up in Korean places on the mainland (LA, Vegas). I heard that it's a local Hawaii Korean thing. I not too sure how true that is, but check out A Passion For Food blog for her explanation of the origins of meat jun,, and some ono looking pics.  If you know more about the origins or how it's cooked, let us know so we can put this mystery to rest.