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What You Figgah? - Lemon Drop Crunch Cake Recipe Revealed?

After we did the post on the Lemon Drop Crunch Cake from The Alley at Aiea Bowl, we got curious if anybody had a recipe that could duplicate this cake. A few months later, a guy named "Bruddah Bill" went to The Alley, tasted the Lemon Drop Crunch Cake and came up with two recipes that he thinks can duplicate the addicting qualities of The Alley's Lemon Drop Crunch Cake. The first recipe is complicated and the second recipe is simple. From what we hear, Bruddah Bill get some sharp baking skills and judging by the way he wrote up his first recipe, looks like get some action. If anybody interested in trying out these recipes, here they are. If can, let us know how came out and we can post your comments and pics. What you figgah...can Bruddah Bill's recipes duplicate the magic of The Alley's Lemon Drop Crunch Cake? Mahalos Bruddah Bill.


What You Figgah? - McD's Scramble Eggs Real But Fake?

Rick, a WOW Grinds reader, sent us another one of his vexing questions. This one is related to Rick's previous question about what kind sausage McD's use in their breakfast and the interesting response from Jimmy. Here's Rick's question, "I usually eat Portuguese sausage and scrambled eggs from three McD's - Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina and Kalihi (Waikamilo). Consistently, Hawaii Kai 90% of the time gives you a *lot* more scrambled eggs than other locations (cannot finish it). One question on these eggs, why are they so yellow? Are they imitation eggs? I always thought McD's said their eggs were 100% real (at least on their McMuffing sandwhiches)." What you figgah...real, fake, real eggs with added color which makes it real but fake? Anybody out there get some theories or inside scoops?

What You Figgah? - Zippy's Fried Chicken Same But Different?

Rick, a WOW Grinds reader, sent us this interesting questions.  "I noticed lately that since Zippy's is using their old recipe now (and they publicize it), but the chicken is dry compared to before. There's hard spots in the chicken that you cannot chew. I really like the other recipe since it was moist, crunchy and flavorful. The recipe now (apparently the old recipe) is not as tender as the previous one. Maybe it's me, or maybe someone can confirm." Does anybody notice the same thing as Rick? What you figgah...same chicken different cooking technique? For more information, WOMF Hawaii has an interesting thread on the recent changes in the Zippy's fried chicken dramas.

What You Figgah? - HA's Burger Wars Feels Strangely Familiar?

Over the past month or so, choke people been telling us about the Honolulu Advertiser (HA) project , Burger Wars, to find Hawaii 's best burger using a blind taste test process. We was excited to hear about them doing a blind taste test rather than their usual popularity voting. We said, "right on Advertiser, go for it!" On 4/16/09, they published the results in their TGIF insert section and on the Honolulu Advertiser website.

When us guys read em, felt funny kine, because the write-up went bear a strange resemblance to the WOW Grinds format. Doing a blind tasting of "burgers from five of the most popular burger joints on the island." Judges profile pics across the top with funny/interesting factoid about them. "The Set-up" section with a detailed explanation of their methodology. A 1-5 rating sheet with option for judges to make comments. A listing of the burger competitors, in the order they were tasted. "The Results" section explaining rankings, score breakdown, judge's comments and insights. And the most striking resemblance was the way it was sorta presented as an ultimate battle between the best of the best, involving ultra critical self-proclaimed food experts as judges. What you Figgah?

One of the coolest things about doing WOW Grinds over the past year has been hearing about folks who see the website and then they do their own blind taste test of their favorite grinds. We laugh up hearing about how much fun they had. It feels good to know all the hard work we put in to WOW Grinds brings a little bit of joy in to some peoples lives. But the HA Burger Wars feels little bit different. I not exactly sure, but maybe it's the same kine feeling Barney Rubble gets when he shares his fabulous idea with Fred Flintstone, and then Fred, in a burst of excitement, says, "I just had a fabulous idea!" and then repeats what Barney just said, but with a few different words, and then innocently forgets to mention Barney's part in it. We'll never know for sure if Burger Wars was loosely based on WOW Grinds, but whatever the case, we wasn't too hungry for burgers after reading it.

If you have thoughts/opinions/ideas about this, maybe post a comment on the Honolulu Advertiser's Burger Wars article or email the Burger Wars writer Kawehi Haug at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Mahalos and hope you're having fun with WOW Grinds.

What You Figgah? - What Brand Portuguese Sausage McD's Use?

Rick, a WOW Grinds reader, posed an interesting question in relation to the Portuguese Sausage Punchout results. He asked, "So does anyone know what kind of Portuguese sausage McDonald's uses? I can't find one that thick (not that its the greatest, but it is not as greasy as my favorite Redondo's 4 pack from Costco)." I tried Googling Rick's question and nothing came up. Maybe it's a tightly held McD's secret or maybe nobody ever bothered to ask. Would be neat to find out the answer. Anybody know?