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What is Shoyu?

From what I've heard, "shoyu" is the Japanese word for "soy sauce". If you Google "shoyu", get choke professional foodie articles describing what it is and what it's not. Growing up in Hawaii, a simple food lovah and using shoyu all my life, I would say shoyu is a dark brown watery juice with a unique salty flavor. It's a universal seasoning that goes with just about everything. Kinda same like salt, but different. I knew it was made from soy beans, but after reading a bunch of shoyu articles online, I found out shoyu is made with soy beans, wheat, salt and koji (mold spores) which causes a fermentation process that gives it the unique shoyu flavor. Then get Tamari which is kinda like shoyu, but minus the wheat. When I watch mainland cooking shows, they often use Tamari instead of shoyu. And then get all kind grades of shoyu from premium to regular. I also found out that some shoyus are brewed via chemical process while others are brewed naturally with no chemicals. On top of that get shoyus that are for specific uses like shoyu for sushi or shoyu for cooking. Last but not least, Cookthink differentiates Japanese shoyu from Hawaiian shoyu which they say is unique to the Aloha Shoyu Company. If you really like know more details about shoyu, check out some of these expert articles... - A history of Tamari and Shoyu and how it came to America
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