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Best Shoyu - Aftertaste

After the Shoyu tasting we had plenty fun discussing the results and other stuffs. Here are some of the comments and thoughts from judges, family and friends relating to the Shoyu Shimmy. 

  • The results didn't show that one shoyu was better in a cooked role and different one is better in an uncooked role. Aloha Shoyu tasted the best in both applications. Maybe if the shoyu taste good to begin with, it's ono in any way you use it. Or maybe it's not about cooked vs. uncooked applications. Maybe certain shoyus are better with certain types of foods. Some people told me they use Kikkoman with sashimi, poke or sushi while they switch to Aloha for meat marinades. One guy uses a blend of Aloha and Kikkoman in his marinade and says that it enhances the flavor like you wouldn't believe. It's a secret marinade recipe so he didn't reveal anything further.

  • The Bragg's Liquid Aminos tasted way better in a cooked role than in uncooked. Some judges had a hard time distinguishing the Bragg's from the real shoyu. Maybe Bragg's comes pretty close to tasting like real shoyu when used in a cooked application. If you like try em, go Umeke Market and order one of their stir frys or other dishes that uses Bragg's Liquid Aminos.

  • We should've included a Chinese shoyu such as Lee Kum Kee that won top honors in the America's Test Kitchen blind taste test of about 10 soy sauces. Eden tamari ranked in the middle of this taste test.

  • For the cooked application maybe we should've made shoyu chicken which is another popular use of shoyu in a cooked role.

  • Did Aloha Shoyu win because the judges were mostly local folks who were raised on the flavor of Aloha Shoyu? Did they pick the shoyu that was most familiar tasting? Or is Aloha Shoyu's blend truly a cut above the rest? If we did the taste test again with people who weren't raised on Aloha Shoyu, would Aloha still win? Many folks say that Aloha Shoyu is really ono and that it could win in a mainland blind taste test among other popular shoyu brands. Go Aloha!

  • What about all the "premium shoyus" out there. If they were included in the taste test, would they have ranked higher than the regular grade shoyus? Can you really tell the difference? Or is the difference only in your mind.

  • Based on the judge's comments and scoring, it seems they liked the milder taste of Aloha Shoyu as opposed to the stronger saltier taste of Kikkoman, Yamasa and Eden. Is that what local folks look for in a good shoyu...mild flavor that doesn't over power the food it accompanies? Maybe that's what "good shoyu" in general supposed to do...enhance the food it's on and not take it over. If that's the case, then the Aloha Shoyu folks are spot on with their shoyu blend.

  • Nate's (a WOW Grinds reader) wife said that Japanese shoyu tastes better wiith Japanese dishes while Chinese shoyu taste better with Chinese dishes. That makes me wonder what brand of shoyu they use in the ono Chinese restaurants.