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Best Shoyu - Local Brewed Favorite Sweeps Awards!

Best Shoyu In An Uncooked Role
Shoyu With Tofu

Best Shoyu In A Cooked Role
Shoyu Sugar Hot Dog

And the Oscar goes too...

The Shoyu Shimmy took place on February 28, 2009. We've run in to some snags planning the kal-bi blind taste test, so in the mean time, we did a mini shoyu challenge. The big 3 local shoyu favorites went up against a popular mainland brand tamari soy sauce and a healthy shoyu substitute (wildcard control entry). To see if certain shoyus taste better in a cooked application and others are better for table use (i.e. dipping), we tasted the the shoyus in both a uncooked application (tofu dip) and a cooked application (shoyu sugar hot dog). Click the tofu pic above to see the uncooked shoyu results and the shoyu sugar hot dog pic to see the cooked shoyu results.