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WOW Grinds Homemade Challenge - Best Portuguese Sausage Final Results

The Portuguese Sausage Punch Out took place on September 14, 2008. Three homemade Portuguese Sausages issued a WOW Grinds Challenge and went toe to toe with five popular store bought Portuguese sausages in a WOW Grinds blind taste test. This turned out to be a real battle of the "Winnahs" as no competitor scored below a 5 in total average score. One competitor even got a perfect 10 from judge Picky Picky! The top three sausages were true standouts and fought hard to earn their places at the top.


Planning the Portuguese Sausage Punch Out

Planning the Portuguese Sausage Punch Out required us to be a bit more creative because this was the first challenge where we had to cook up the competitors ourselves.


Portuguse Sausage Selection Rationale

Here are the Portuguese Sausage Punch Out competitors listed in random order and the reasons we selected them to compete. Who you think won, a homemade recipe or a store bought brand? Good luck in making your best guesses.  We'll be posting the results soon.