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Portuguse Sausage Selection Rationale

Kukui Sausage Company, Inc. Portuguese Brand Sausage - Although this one didn't rate too high in Tasty Island's Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout, it was selling exclusively at place's like Young's Fish Market and Alicia's Market.  So I figured must be pretty ono for these places to carry it.  Even Sam Choy uses this brand sausage in his Portuguese sausage stuffed onaga recipe.

Gouvea's Portuguese Brand Sausage - This brand is a local favorite when it comes to sausage.  It ranked #5 out of 11 in Tasty Island's Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout and garnered 3 out of 5 spam musubis. 

Hawaiian Sausage Company Portuguese Brand Sausage - I never tried this brand before, so we based this choice on Tasty Island's recommendation of 5 out 5 spam musubis and an astounding 3rd place ranking in the Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout?

Hilo Homemade Portuguese Sausage
- Nelli778, 2nd place winner of the Fried Rice Fiesta, issued a WOW Grinds Challenge saying that this Portuguese Sausage made by a family friend in Hilo is one of the best she's had.  She used this sausage in her famous Hilo style fried rice recipe.

Maui Homemade Portuguese Sausage - Judge "Soft Warm Juicy" entered this homemade Portuguese Sausage because he was curious to see how it would do up against the store bought ones.  It was just a coincidence that he was invited to breakfast last week by a friend who wanted him to try the "best Portuguese sausage" made by his brother-in-law in Maui.

Redondo's Portuguese Brand Sausage - This brand is a popular favorite among local folks.  They seem really popular because they sell this brand in all the supermarkets and even in Costco.  All their TV commercials make them seem like the powerhouse of Portuguese sausage in Hawaii.

Rego's Purity of Hawaii Portuguese Brand Sausage - A 2nd place ranking in the Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout turned our attention toward this luscious treat.  These guys also get some TV commercials, but not as much as Redondo's.  It's the one with the CEO (Mr. Rego's descendant I think) in the aloha shirt frying up the sausage and then he eat em...look so ono.  They also got the elusive 5 out 5 spam musubis from Tasty Island. 

Waipahu Homemade Portuguese Sausage - A homemade sausage master who goes by the name of "Smokey" issued a WOW Grinds Challenge saying his homemade Portuguese Sausage would be a strong contender against the popular store bought brands.  Legend has it that his recipe has its origins with an old Portuguese man who lived in the land of Makawao, Maui.