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Planning the Pork Hash Passion (a.k.a The Passion of the Hash)

Planning the Pork Hash Passion (a.k.a The Passion of the Hash) posed pretty much the same challenges as the Manapua Madness.

Challenge #1 - Most of the shops close early...around 1pm on Saturdays so we had to pick em up early in the day and refrigerate.  Same thing as manapua, we just re-steamed the pork hashes to make it taste as fresh as possible.

Challenge #2 - Just like the manapuas, we had to standardize the re-steaming process to be even Steven. I bought couple extra pork hashes and did a test re-steam practice run and found a good internal temperature was 150 degrees.  Just before serving to the judges, we re-steamed the pork hashes to an internal temperature of 150 degrees and the judges said it tasted good as fresh. 

We did the same side by side judging style as the other challenges where all the pork hashes were lined up with their random letter. Then the judges served themselves in any order and scored each one. We did weighted scoring again with taste=50%, texture=30% and presentation=20%.

Best Pork Hash - Results Coming Soon

The Pork Hash Passion (a.k.a. The Passion of the Hash) took place on September 20, 2008...the same day as the Manapua Madness.  Seven master hashers faced mortal combat in a WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test. Which of these mighty pork hashes delivered the meanest hashing? The results and rankings are coming soon.

What is pork hash? The Competitors The Planning

Best Pork Hash - Final Results and Rankings

The Pork Hash Passion (a.k.a. The Passion of the Hash) took place on September 20, 2008...the same day as the Manapua Madness.  Seven grand master pork hashers faced off in a WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test. In the end, a clear winner emerged. She was unstoppable. Nobody could touch her. As Sean would say, "she had action!" And then, one judge gave this winning pork hash the elusive perfect 10.  Click "read more" to see the results table.


What is Pork Hash?

Pork hash is a ball of minced pork, with other stuff mixed inside with the pork...then get this noodle stuff wrapped around the minced pork ball mixture...and then it's steamed. In other words, I don't know "jack hash" about pork hash.  I have very limited pork hashing experience and knowledge, so if you really like know what is pork hash, go check with theses experts... - Pork Hash #2 Recipe
Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Pork Hash Recipe
Two Japanee Bruddahs - A Pork Hashing Story

Pork Hash Selection Rationale

Here are the Pork Hash Passion competitors listed in random order and the reasons we selected them to compete. Good luck in guessing who won.  We'll be posting the results soon.

Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory - Everybody know this place for their manapua, pork hash and other stuffs.  They were named in Honolulu Advertisers Hawaii's Best Restaurants in 2004-2005, 2005-2006 and 2007-2008.  This was a no-brainer to include these guys.

Aiea Manapua and Snacks - Plenty friends and family from the Leeward and Central Districts recommended this place to compete.  On KHNL Cheap Eats 2002, Lyle and Same talked this place up saying they've been in business for 20 years.  From what we hear, this place may be bordering on shrine status, especially for their pork hash. 

7-Eleven Convenience Store - Rumor has it that this pork hash is mass produced by machine from Tokyo Bento...the same guys who make the meat jun bento from Marukai. I tried em before and it's a decent tasting pork hash, but up against the "master hashers" this place should rank near the bottom...if the judges know what they are doing.

Royal Kitchen
- This place is the "Home of the Baked Manapua" but is known for their other treasures as well.  Royal Kitchen is a China Town Shrine among hash worshipers even drawing attention from the likes of the Ono Kine Grindz blogger who made special mention of the Royal Kitchen pork hash saying it was "ono." 

Char Hung Sut - Two popular local food blogs, Ono Kine Grindz and Tasty Island mentioned this place as one of the best for manapua and dim sum.  Honolulu Advertiser named them in their Hawaii's Best Restaurants guide in 2005-2006.

Libby Manapua Shop - Winner of "Best Manapua" in our last WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test and a virtual leviathan in the realm of pork hash. Libby was recommended by almost everyone I talked to.  Tasty Island and Honolulu Metromix both called this place an "institution." It even made the top 100 restaurants in a regional survey by I think I would've got majorly hashed if I never include this place as a competitor.

Island Manapua - Although these guys didn't do so well in the Manapua Madness competition, we thought they might do better with their pork hash.  Honolulu Weekly, in their article "They Once Were Bao", made special mention of Island Manapua as one of the top places for manapua and other dim sum. Honolulu Advertiser also did a special article on this place featuring their manapua and other goodies.