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Meat Jun Selection Rationale

Soon's Kal Bi Drive In - Among folks living in central district, this place is legendary for their meat jun. I remember Soon's burnt down in about 1989 or 1990 and people were devastated. Luckily they rebuilt and all was whole again in the land of winnah meat jun. This place also got props from Ono Kine Grindz who said the meat jun is "quite good."

Choi's Family Restaurant - My foodie friend Glen recommended this place for their meat jun. He claimed that this is the best meat jun he's ever had and he doesn't throw those kind of words around too often. The UH Manoa student newspaper Ka Leo commented that the meat jun was "very good."

Seoul Korean Bbq - I think this place used to be the famous Seoul Inn and they changed their name recently. Please correct this if it's wrong. This place was recommended by numerous family/friends...even my hula dancing, lau lau eating, almost Hawaiian cousins from Virginia recommended this place. Pickled Mango Hawaii blogger gave 3 out of 4 stars for their food in general. Supposedly, this place is the first/oldest Korean restaurant in Hawaii...I heard about 35 years old. If been around that long, must be pretty good ah?

Yummy's Korean Bbq
- We had to include this powerhouse Korean take out machine in the competition. What Zippy's and L&L did to local plate lunch grinds, Yummy's did to Korean take out grinds. I think they get about 10 Yummy's on Oahu. gave Yummy's 4 out of 5 stars for their food in general. In a Honolulu Star Bulletin article, the Yummy's owner was quoted as saying, "We serve restaurant-quality food at a fast-food pace, with fast-food pricing." You figure, they gotta be doing something right with the food for get this big.

Young's Kalbee - This place is well known among the Aiea folks and was recommended repeatedly for this battle. If you go to Young's, they have a sign in their window saying that KITV named them the "home of the best meat jun." That's pretty huge...especially if they win in a blind taste test.

Sam's Delicatessen - This place was featured in a Midweek article titled "Where Koreans Go To Eat Korean."  In a Honolulu Advertiser food critic article, the guy made special mention of Sam's saying he was, "particulary impressed with their meat jun."  If the Koreans and the food critic like this place, maybe it's a contender.

J's Bbq (Soon's decoy) - We included this place as a competitor because their meat jun is so similar to Soon's one. We figured that because Soon's meat jun is so recognizable, we needed a similar meat jun to throw the judges off. Rumour has it that their is a connection between J's Bbq and Soon's and that is why their meat jun is so similar. Maybe J's is the former cook/co-owner from Soon's? Anybody know the real scoops?

Marukai Korean Bento (Control Entry) - These bentos are made by Tokyo Bento, I think that's what the lable said. Tokyo Bento seems to make all kine Asian foods and they don't really specialize in Korean food or let alone meat jun. The Korean bento taste pretty good, but if the judges know quality meat jun, this place shouldn't be able to stand a chance against the places that specialize in Korean food and meat jun.

Dong Yang - You want a titan of Korean take out...we give you Dong Yang. Choke people suggested this place as a competitor for the Meat Jun Mayhem and some even looked angry when they suggested it. Almost like if we never include em, they would buss us up...oh wow no need get all huffy about it. In a Honolulu Star Bulletin article, they said Dong Yang's specialty item is their meat jun. I think only this place and Young's consider their meat jun as their specialties. The same article said they've been in business 26 years so they must be doing something right.

If you think you one meat jun master, leave a comment and try guess who was the top 3.  Good luck.