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What is Manapua?

I not one manapua expert, but I grew up eating it from the manapua truck down the street and from some of the tiny manapua shops.  From my manapua experiences, I would describe it as a steamed bun, that is small kine sweet, filled with salty sweet minced pork, usually dyed red.  Get all kind differences too. Some places get more doughy bun, while others are more light and fluffy.  Some places get plenty bun and not so much pork, while others get one good balance of bun to pork. Some places get the pork filling that is more dry, while others get a more stick gooey oily pork filling. And then get all the places in between.

I think that manapua is little bit different from the char siu bao you can get at the dim sum restaurants.  I heard that manapua is a local version of the dim sum char siu bao. 

For more detailed information on manapua, check out the Wikipedia and Ono Kine Grindz take on manapua.