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Planning the Malasada Melee

Planning the Malasada Melee was one of our more challenging challenges...even if only had three competitors.

First off, only get three malasada places to choose from when you talking about the "best" malasada. So we had hard time figuring out how to mask the identities of each malasada from the judges. Was especially easy to identify Agnes' cause get one hole in the malasada. In the end, we decided to serve the malasadas as is and see what happens. Maybe might get some bias in this one.

Second thing, when the battle involves deep fried food, we get hard time serving it up as close to "fresh out the fryer" as possible. For the Malasada Melee, we contemplated reheating in the oven, but thought that the heat would melt the sugar granules. So we settled on microwaving on low power for about one minute. The sugar didn't melt and the inside came hot and steamy. Was close enough to fresh as we could get.

To stir up more judge interaction, we reverted back to the old judging style of having the judges sit at a table and have a blind server bring out the competitors in random order. After the first round of tasting each malasada, we brought out all the malasadas again so the judges could taste again and adjust their scores as needed. The scoring was weighted again with taste=50%, texture=30% and presentation=20%.