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Malasada Melee Competitors

Here are the Malasada Melee competitors and the reasons we selected them to compete.

Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop - The folks from the Windward side flock to this malasada shop in Kailua. Not as well-known as the other competitors, but can hold its own. I heard plenty folks say that, after tasting this malasada, Agnes' could be a strong contender for the best.

Leonard's Malasadas - Probably the most popular malasada shop on Oahu. They get their main shop on Kapahulu Ave. and then they get mobile red and white striped malasada wagons at various locations on Oahu. Most people argue this is the best malasada and they get offended if you question this notion.

Champion Malasadas - Legend has it that this malasada master actually worked at Leonard's while perfecting his own malasada recipe. When he had it perfected, he opened his own shop and people went nuts for his malasadas. I think most folks would agree that Champion gives Leonard's hard rubs in the race to make the best malasada.