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Best Malasada Challenge - Vote For Your Fave

Last minute kine, we decided to do a small challenge at my house. Sorry, we couldn't invite everybody that usually judge. Poho my house too can fit everybody.

The Malasada Melee will take place on Sunday, 12/7/2008. Agnes's Portuguese Bake Shop, Champion Malasadas and Leonard's Malasadas will battle it out in a WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test.

Who you think should win? Vote for you favorite malasada in the poll in the left sidebar. We curious to see if the blind judges will agree with your votes. If you think we should include another malasada competitor, leave a comment and we'll try our best to include them.

Best Malasada- Results Coming Soon

The Malasada Melee took place on December 7, 2008. The three Godfathers of malasda artistry (Agnes's, Champion and Leonard's) went all out in a WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test. Three malasdas malasada leave. The result was not quite what we all expected and it wasn't exactly in-line with the online voting poll either. Btw, you can still vote for who you think should win.

What is a malasada? The Competitors The Planning

Planning the Malasada Melee

Planning the Malasada Melee was one of our more challenging challenges...even if only had three competitors.

First off, only get three malasada places to choose from when you talking about the "best" malasada. So we had hard time figuring out how to mask the identities of each malasada from the judges. Was especially easy to identify Agnes' cause get one hole in the malasada. In the end, we decided to serve the malasadas as is and see what happens. Maybe might get some bias in this one.

Second thing, when the battle involves deep fried food, we get hard time serving it up as close to "fresh out the fryer" as possible. For the Malasada Melee, we contemplated reheating in the oven, but thought that the heat would melt the sugar granules. So we settled on microwaving on low power for about one minute. The sugar didn't melt and the inside came hot and steamy. Was close enough to fresh as we could get.

To stir up more judge interaction, we reverted back to the old judging style of having the judges sit at a table and have a blind server bring out the competitors in random order. After the first round of tasting each malasada, we brought out all the malasadas again so the judges could taste again and adjust their scores as needed. The scoring was weighted again with taste=50%, texture=30% and presentation=20%.

What is a malasada?

Brah...if you Google the question, "what is a malasada?" you get choke plenty websites that tell you all kine stuffs about malasadas was first made by the people of the Sao Miguel Islands, it was originally made to use up leftover lard and sugar before Lent, Malasada Day is the day before Ash Wednesday, not supposed to have one hole in em, and all kine funny kine stuff lidat. So what is it? Basically it's a yeast dough, deep fried and rolled in granulated sugar. But get variations among the different malasda masters in Hawaii. Some more light and airy. Other places stay more eggy and butter. Even get some that more dense and bready almost like andagi. One thing guarans about Malasadas is it's best eaten fresh out of the fryer. I would say if it sits more than 10 minutes, still taste ono, but the magic is lost. If you really interested in Malasada information, try check out some of these sites...
Wikipedia on Malasadas
Champion Malasada's Website
Ono Kine Grindz Blog

Malasada Melee Competitors

Here are the Malasada Melee competitors and the reasons we selected them to compete.

Agnes' Portuguese Bake Shop - The folks from the Windward side flock to this malasada shop in Kailua. Not as well-known as the other competitors, but can hold its own. I heard plenty folks say that, after tasting this malasada, Agnes' could be a strong contender for the best.

Leonard's Malasadas - Probably the most popular malasada shop on Oahu. They get their main shop on Kapahulu Ave. and then they get mobile red and white striped malasada wagons at various locations on Oahu. Most people argue this is the best malasada and they get offended if you question this notion.

Champion Malasadas - Legend has it that this malasada master actually worked at Leonard's while perfecting his own malasada recipe. When he had it perfected, he opened his own shop and people went nuts for his malasadas. I think most folks would agree that Champion gives Leonard's hard rubs in the race to make the best malasada.