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Are All Limu Pokes Created Equal?

Are all limu pokes created equal? If you answered "NO!" to this question (and I hope you did), then what makes one limu poke better than the rest?

In the next WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test we hope to find out. But before we taste, we wanted the judges to tell us what they looking for in a winnah poke. And then, even if you not going be one limu poke judge, throw in your two cents and tell the judges what they should be looking for. Judges and non-judges, leave your comments and we'll make sure all the judges read this before the tasting.

Best Limu Poke - Results Coming Soon

The Limu Poke Leviathan took place on October 18, 2008. Mahalos to the folks at Luana Hills Country Club for letting us use their facilities.  12 limu pokes from some of the best places put their reputations to the test in a WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test.  There's nothing better than the smell of fresh fish and oceany was limu poke heaven.  The results and rankings are coming soon.

What is limu poke? The Competitors The Planning


Best Limu Poke - Final Results and Rankings

The Limu Poke Leviathan took place on October 18, 2008. Mahalos to Luana Hills for the use of their facilities. 12 Limu Pokes (Ahi) put their reputations on the line in a WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test. The results was small kine controversial as some of the popular places ranked near the bottom while some of the unknowns rose to the top of the rankings. Click "read more" to see the results.


Planning the Limu Poke Leviathan

Planning the Limu Poke Leviathan turned out to be fairly simple because we just wen duplicate the planning of the Shoyu Poke Showdown.  One small kine difference was that we included couple more poke competitors (Ono Seafood and Tamashiro Market) due to people giving us the "shame on you" finger shake for not including these winnah places in the Shoyu Poke Showdown.  So we took their feedback to heart and made sure to include these places this time.

The biggest challenge was that there was more judges this time.  About 18-20 people said they was interested in judging this challenge and we ended up having 12 judges and their family/friends.  That was too much people for my manini living room so we had to find a bigger location.  Thanks to the folks at Luana Hills Country Club for letting us make house in one of their banquet rooms, we were able to accommodate the larger number of people attending this tasting. So lavish us guys getting, yeah?

But pretty much that was the only differences in the planning and everything else was same same.  We did the side by side judging style as the other challenges where all the limu pokes were lined up with their random letter. Then the judges served themselves in any order they wanted and scored each one. We did weighted scoring again with taste=50%, texture=30% and presentation=20%.

What is Limu Poke?

I not one limu poke expert, but I enjoy eating it. So here's my amateur take on limu poke from my experiences eating it over the years. Usually it starts of with fresh bite size cubes of ahi or aku. Then get the limu...usually ogo...either the thin soft one or the thicker crunchy kine or a mix of the two. Once in a while people use other types of limu, but I don't know the names. Then they add tasty stuff like inamona (roasted kukui nut), alae red sea salt, chili pepper and sometimes different types of oil like sesame or macadamia nut. You might see people putting onion and green onion inside, but I heared that some limu poke purists frown upon that practice and consider it a contaminant to the limu poke.  Most of the poke shops call it limu poke, but a handful of places call it Hawaiian Style Poke. For more information about poke and some prize winning limu poke recipes check out Aloha Festival's Poke Contest and Ma`ona.