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Kim Chee Khaos Competitors

Here are the Kim Chee Khaos competitors and the reasons we selected them to compete.

Halms Kim Chee - This is probably one of the most popular and well-known local style kim chee. You can find this at any of the big supermarket chains in Hawaii. How will this popular local style kim chee stand up to the more authentic ones?

Fort Street Snacks & Sundries - Judge Eat And A Smile, our resident kim chee expert, claimed this one as the best kim chee. She said it's a tiny shop on Fort Street Mall and the kim chee is in one big jar on the counter next to the cash register. If that don't sound like the real deal kim chee, then I don't know what is.

Kewalo Brand - This is another popular brand of local style kim chee that you can find in most of the big supermarket chains in Hawaii.  This one comes in a plastic bag rather than a jar.

Waimalu Supermarket
- This little market is located at the old Marujyu Market location in Waimalu Shopping Center. Must be good because on this Hawaii K-Drama thread, somebody commented that their Omma (Korean for Mother) told them to get their kim chee from Waimalu Supermarket.

Fort Street Sundries & Snacks - We entered this one twice. If the judges were credible then they should score them about the same.

Keeaumoku Produce - This was another hole in the wall place that Eat And A Smile knew about.

Ono Kim Chee - One more hole in the wall shop specializing in all kine kim chee and banchan (Korean side dishes). It's located next door to Keeaumoku Seafood, our 4th place winner in the Shoyu Poke Showdown and the Limu Poke Leviathan. They get one mean paper thin sliced taegu. This place get the garlic stem kim chee too.

Palama Supermarket - Probably one of the most well known Korean markets on Oahu. They have 2 locations in Dillingham and Kaheka. This might be the kim chee Mecca because they have a serve yourself kim chee salad bar that's about 20-30 feet long with about 20 different varieties of kim chee to choose from.

Queen's Supermarket - If Palama Market is the kim chee Mecca, then Queen's Supermarket is the Vatican of Kim Chee. Another well known Korean supermarket on Oahu.

Marukai - Eat And A Smile said she wanted to enter this one on a whim to see how it would do up against the more authentic kim chees.