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What is Kalbi?

Here's an amateur take on kalbi. First things first, it's Korean style bbq beef short ribs. My Korean friend told me it's pronounced Ka-Ill-Bee and not Kal-Bee, but hard for say that pronunciation. The type of short rib cut used varies between big bone flanken cut (aka King Kalbi) and three bone cut (thick or thin slice). Get plenty variations on the 24-hour marinade recipe, but at the most basic level it seems like shoyu, garlic and sugar. I heard that some people's recipes call for unusual stuffs like fruit juice, Pepsi or Sprite in place of the sugar. Check out House of Annie for a killer kalbi recipe. After marinating over night, it's grilled at high heat until slightly charred on the outside yet tender medium rare on the inside.  When eating kalbi, I see the hard core kalbi lovers gobble up the meaty part, then rip every little piece of fat off the bones and suck the bones dry. Another interesting thing about kalbi is the various preparation styles liked stewed (kalbi jim), soup (kalbi tang), boiled kalbi, etc. If you interested in some expert kalbi information, try check out Wikipedia on kalbi.