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Planning the Kalbi Kong

Planning for the Kalbi Kong will change our procedures somewhat.

First off, rather than coming up with our own list of competitors, we asked WOW Grinds readers to come up with the list of competitors via an online poll. We hope it makes things more interactive so everyone can join in on the fun in some way. Before making this decision, we discussed how revealing the list of competitors before the tasting might influence the judge's scoring so maybe we shouldn't reveal. But after weighing the pros and cons, we figured that it's still a blind taste test keeping the judging impartial and making WOW Grinds more fun and interactive is a priority for us. So we go try and see what happens.

Second thing, after long debate and discussion, we decided to taste only 3 bone cut kalbi and leave big bone kalbi for a separate challenge. This was based on the What You Figgah...Does the Cut Matter for Kalbi? poll we took a while back. Many folks were adamant that big bone cut is a completely different animal which alters the texture, flavor and overall kalbi experience.

Third thing, we decided to go with simple microwaving to reheat. We'll set a standard reheating time to get equal temperatures at the time of serving. As usual, we try our best to keep the playing field as level as possible.

To stir up judges interaction, we're having the judges sit at a table and have a blind server bring out the competitors one by one in random order. After the judges taste each one, all the kalbi will be available on a separate table for the judges to walk up and revisit each one before making their final scores. The scoring will be weighted with taste=50%, texture=30% and presentation=20%.