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Kalbi Kong Competitors

Thanks to over 200 votes in the online poll, the 8 kalbi with the most votes will be competing for the title of best kalbi. In addition, there will be a home cooked entry and a wild/card control entry rounding it out to 10 competitors. Here are your Kalbi Kong competitors. Good luck to all.

Number of Votes Percent of Votes
Yummy Korean Bbq
(Various Locations)
27 11.8%
Spicy Ahi & Bbq
(Pearl City)
26 11.4%
Young's Kalbee
24 10.5%
Kim Chee II
24 10.5%
Soon's Kal Bi Drive In
(Salt Lake Shopping Center)
21 9.2%
Gina's Bbq
(Market City Mall)
20 8.7%
(Manoa Shopping Center)
18 7.9%
Jin Joo
(Waimalu Shopping Center)
18 7.9
Home Cooked Entry NA NA
Wildcard/Control NA NA