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Findings & Conclusion

First the limitations. We had to purchase the hamburger steaks with the gravy on the side, in order to preserve the quality of the burger and the gravy. This meant that our blind servers had to reconstruct the dish as closely as possible to how it would have originally been served. I think the blind servers did a good job, cause all of the dishes looked good, but still yet, maybe the dish might have been served in a particular way to make it look better. This might have affected the presentation score.

Second limitation was that, even if we picked up all the hamburger steaks about 1-2 hours before the blind tasting, we still had to reheat some. We used the microwave to reheat which may have dried out the burger and may have coagulated the gravy small kine. This would have definitely affected the taste and texture scores. But judge Soft Warm Juicy said that it was all equal, cause all had about the same transport time and all got reheated in the same way. So all even Steven right? Soft Warm Juicy added that a sign of a good hamburger steak is that it can withstand transport time and reheating and still taste good.

In my humble opinion, if these limitations had been addressed some how, it don't think it would have affected the judge's scores in any major way. In other words, the results would have come out the same.

Were the judge's credible. Yes. They passed the control entry test (Banquet frozen dinner) and, even if they didn't know which one was was which, placed it at the very bottom where we predicted it would be when compared with some of Hawaii's best hamburger steaks.

So what about all the people talking about hamburger steaks. Are they credible sources of information on hamburger steak? First of all, I'm not a good source of hamburger steak information, because I recommended Byron's Drive-in and it came out near the bottom. Shame on me. My friend Mr. Matt is close to reaching the rank of hamburger steak Grand Poobah because he recommended the #1 ranked hamburger steak from Kakaako Kitchen. Whoever is voting for L&L as best Loco Moco (which is pretty much hamburger steak with egg on top) each year in those reader polls might be small kine off cause L&L ended up 2nd to the last beating out only Banquet frozen dinner. The Honolulu Advertiser Ilima Awards people seem pretty credible as they made past mention of our #4 hamburger steak Liliha Bakery. The Ono Kine Grindz blogger get some mean hamburger steak taste buds, because he mentioned the #2 hamburger steak Karen's Kitchen as "one of the best he's had." And he was right! How's dat!?

Now what about what we seem to like about hamburger steak. First thing I noticed is that the top 3 hamburger steaks were the only ones that had onions on top. Maybe we like em better with onions. That no really make difference to me, but I gotta admit hamburger steak is better with onions especially when they get the sweet taste. Second thing is pretty obvious, we like the homemade patty over the prefab frozen kind. This is confirmed because the bottom 2 hamburger steaks, Banquet Frozen Dinner and L&L seem to use frozen burgers and the rest of the competitors use fresh homemade patties. Last thing is that the judges made lots of comments about the mac salad in relation to the hamburger steak. Maybe if the mac salad is good, it makes the hamburger steak elevate to a higher level of greatness. I know the gravy get plenty influence on the dish, but I couldn't figure anything out based on the results. Leave a comment below if you have insights about how we like the gravy.

Like I always say, these findings and conclusions are based on the opinions of only the 6 judges involved. We're just guessing about things based on the results. I encourage you to go try some of these hamburger steaks yourself and then tell us what you think. Go grind!