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Hamburger Steak Selection Rationale

Dot's - This is in Wahiawa. Well known for their sizzling hamburger steak among family and friends. Although we couldn't get it sizzling, we figured if good sizzling, then must be pretty good unsizzling.

Byron's Drive-in
- This one is by the airport. I couldn't find any documentation on it, but I think they won for best hamburger steak in about 1995. It was on the news I remember. Also a favorite among family and friends.

L&L - Named best loco moco in Honolulu Magazine 2008. We figured if their loco moco is winnah, then the hamburger steak is winnah too, just minus the egg.

Kakaako Kitchen
- I heard this place is owned by a famous local chef who also owns the winnah fancy restaurant 3660 On The Rise. It was mentioned often by family and friends as their favorite hamburger steak.

Banquet Frozen Dinner
- Wildcard control entry. To see if the judge's are credible.

Liliha Bakery - The Honolulu Advertiser Ilima Awards mentioned their hamburger steak. This is a favorite eatery among towny family and friends. The townies often go there for the hamburger steak or loco moco.

Karen's Kitchen - Recommended by as "one of the best hamburger steaks I had."

Zippy's - A popular local favorite. We wanted to see how their hamburger steak would stand up against the rest. Also, I heard a few years ago they changed their hamburger steak patty to a pre-made patty and changed their gravy too. Not sure if this is true.