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What is hamburger steak?

burger patty with brown gravy. It is usually served with macaroni salad and rice in a Plate lunch. There is also a variety which includes an egg, which is called Loco Moco.

WOW Grinds commentary on hamburger steak...

I'm not exactly sure, but it seems that it's mostly Hawaii folks that have developed a sumptuous affinity towards hamburger steak. From growing up here, local style hamburger steak is a finely tuned orchestration of ground beef patty, gravy, and sometimes onions on top. Now let's break this down to the nitty gritty.

The ground beef patty is homemade or frozen with some filler mixed in to the ground beef. Some get more filler and less beef while others get almost all beef with no filler. Sometimes the patty is soft and moist and other places go the other extreme and grill/fry hard and dry.

The gravy color can range from light brown to reddish. I had some gravy that is supa starchy and thick and some that lean toward the smooth and watery side. Gravy flavor ranges from salty to mild. Some get funky flavor like chili powder or sweet.

Onions on top come sliced thin then grilled, fried or raw. Once in a great while, they put fried mushrooms on top too, but this is rare in my experience.

The way the dish is served is crucial. Some places serve all the components separate. Rice section, mac salad section, patty and gravy section. Nice and neat. Old skool places serve the overlap style. Mound rice and mac salad in close contact with the patty slightly overlapping each mound. Then gravy, mostly on the patty, yet spilling a little on the rice and mac salad linking the food masses to form one super continent called hamburger steak Gaia.