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Nelli778's Hilo Style Fried Rice Recipe

3 cups cooked & cooled white rice
Portugese sausage, bacon (whatever meat you want, however much you want)
1 med onion (all cut up)
3 eggs (crack & scramble in a small bowl)
Oyster sauce
Sesame oil

Mixed cooled rice with oyster sauce. (don't put too much sauce). Place on the side. Put

meat into a big pot, cook till nice and brown. Put chopped up onions in pot. Cook till

almost see through. Move meat/onion to one side of the pot, pour about 1/3 of the raw

scrambled egg mixture then scramble in pot with spoon/spatula. Continue till all eggs are

scrambled. Dump rice/oyster sauce mix into pot. Keep mixing all the ingredients. Pour

some sesame oil then mix. Pour some shoyu then mix. Keep cooking in pot till ready.