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Planning the Fried Rice Fiesta

For our WOW Grinds Challenges, we would normally do a first round of blind tasting to determine the top restaurants for a certain kind of food. Then we would accept challenges from home cooks or other restaurants (who were not included in the first round) and put them up against the top 3-5 places from the first round of tasting in a WOW Grinds blind taste test. We never need do a first round of fried rice blind tasting because Catherine Toth of the Honolulu Advertiser already did a 2006 blind tasting of 13 fried rices. Right on popcorn, less work for us. So we took some of the winnahs from her blind taste test and added 2 of my personal favorites, then put them up against Nelli778 homemade fried rice. We decided only to include basic local style fried rice, so we excluded kim chee fried rice, Chinese restaurant kind, and other ethnic varieties. We ordered without fried egg on top any of the competitors so only had the egg that was mixed in to the fried rice.

On the blind tasting day, we did the usual masking of the identities of each fried rice, then laid them out on a table side by side. The judges came in with their scoring sheets, served themselves, and scored each fried rice based on 3 weighted criteria Taste (50%), Texture (30%) and Presentation (20%). Was good fun. If you like issue a WOW Grinds Challenge, leave a comment or contact us.