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Findings & Conclusion

We had some of the same limitations, like having to reheat some of them. But we had to reheat Nelli778 homemade and it still came in 2nd place. Maybe a sign of a quality local style fried rice is that it can withstand some refrigeration and reheating and still taste ono. Who knows?

Another limitation was that we never include a control entry this time. So we don't really know how valid the results are. However, we might be able to say that it was valid because of the supa close scores, which we kinda expected because these are supposedly some top places for fried rice and they should have got good scores.

Now for some insights. So what about all the people that talk about fried rice and Catherine Toth's 2006 fried rice blind tasting?
  • Nelli778 was right on in talking up her Dad's fried rice recipe. She knows good fried rice when she eats it and could be considered a fried rice expert. She even gave us the recipe for the Nelli778 homemade fried rice. Thanks to Dad and the Big Island Fire Department!
  • Who ever likes Kapiolani Coffee Shop fried rice get good taste in fried rice since they came out #1. When it comes to Kapiolani Coffee Shop, Ms. Toth's 2006 blind tasting might have been flawed as they placed this fried rice almost last place. We might need a 3rd round of fried rice blind tasting to settle it once and for all.
  • The rest of Ms. Toth's 2006 fried rice blind tasting seems valid, as Side Street Inn and Kakaako Kitchen pulled very high scores just like in the 2006 blind tasting.
  • As for myself as a fried rice connoisseur, I once again suck. My personal favorite from Sam Choy's BLC came out last. It still had one pretty high score tho. Don't listen to me when it comes to fried rice.

And what kind of insights emerged about our love for local style fried rice?
  • Based on the judge's comments, we seem to like chunky fried rice with good sized hunks of meat and onion. The bold flavors of shoyu and some spice seemed to win over the judges too. The rice needs to be on the moist side, but not too squishy and not too dry. A colorful presentation seemed to win points.

In conclusion, these findings and generalizations are based on the opinions of only the 7 judges involved in the Fried Rice Fiesta. We are making our best guesses about what these results might tell us about our love of local style fried rice. We encourage you to go out and try for yourself and form your own opinions. If you get other insights or opinions, create an account and/or login, then leave a comment.