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The Chicken Katsu Classic - Competitors

The Chicken Katsu Classic took place on Sunday, July 26, 2009. The competitors are displayed below for your viewing pleasure. The results are coming soon.

Based on the online vote, Keneke's, Kent's Drive-in, L&L Pearl City and Young's Kalbee represented their respective districts in this classic blind taste test. We want to note that Sugoi was originally voted to represent the Honolulu district, but they closed on Sundays, so we had to go with the 2nd place vote-getter in the Honolulu district...Kent's Drive-in. The 14 judges were everyday local folks who love food. Some of them were self-proclaimed chicken katsu experts citing their up close and personal relationship with their beloved chicken katsu. Making this battle extra interesting was the inclusion of 4 judges who were visiting from Virginia. We thought it would be interesting to see if our Virginia judges, who weren't raised eating these local chicken katsu competitors, would rank the competitors in the same way as the local judges. This might help explain if the judges are picking the chicken katsu they're used to (i.e. I was raised on Grace's katsu, so that taste the best to me), or are they picking the one that actually taste the best...even if they not familiar with the taste? It also might answer the question, "is ono chicken katsu...ono chicken matter where the katsu consumer grew up?"

Diner's Drive-in
Grace's Inn
(Waimanalo - Windward)
Kent's Drive-in
(Chinatown - Honolulu)
L&L Drive-in
(Original Liliha Location)
(Pearl City Wal-Mart - Leeward)
Loco Moco Drive-in
(Moanalua Shopping Center)
Loco Moco Drive-in
(Control Double Entry)
Young's Kalbee
(Aiea - Central)