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Beef Stew Selection Rationale

Zippy's - A local favorite. Everybody know this place. Wanted to see how one of the most popular plate lunch places would stand up against the rest.

Dinty Moore Beef Stew - Included as a control. If this did not come out last place, we would have had to question the credibility of the judges.

Ono's Hawaiian Food - Legendary for their Hawaiian food including their stews. Cited by numerous newspapers, magazines, food blogs as a winnah place to eat.

L&L Pearl Kai
- Another local favorite. Very popular. Named in various reader polls as "best plate lunch" plenty times over.

Highway Inn - made particular mention of their beef stew and said it's a secret family recipe. Named best restaurant in various reader polls. Visit

Helena's Hawaiian Food - This place came up repeatedly among family and friends when asked where is the best beef stew. The James Beard Foundation named it a, "regional classic." Included in Honolulu Advertisers Best Restaurants Guide 2004-2005. This place is legendary.

Fort Ruger Market - A favorite place among friends and family who grew up in town. Also known for their Hawaiian food and poke.

Brandi's Deli - Included in Honolulu Advertiser's Best Restaurants 2007-2008 saying their beef stew is "excellent." highlighted Brandi's as one winnah place for grind. It's one of those secret hole in the wall ono grinds places.

Sam Choy's BLC
- This place came up quite often when polling family and friends. Plus my friend who is ultimate food lover said this was his favorite.