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WOW Grinds Challenge - Homemade vs. Store Bought Portuguese Sausage

Homemade Portuguese Sausage?  I never know people was still making homemade Portuguese sausage...I guess I didn't get the memo.  Anyways, three brave souls have put their okoles on the line by issuing a WOW Grinds Challenge to see if their homemade Portuguese sausages can overcome the full force blitz of the titans of store bought Portuguese Sausages.  Individual sausage masters from Hilo, Maui and Waipahu make up the "Homemade Team" while the members of the "Store Bought Team" is a tightly held secret for now.  To spock some potential "Store Bought Team" members, check out Tasty Island's Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout and witness for yourself the raw power of the store bought Portuguese sausages.

So when going happen?  On Sunday, 9/14/08, the gloves will come off and these fierce competitors will throwdown in a balls out Portuguese Sausage Punch Out.