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What Should Be The Next Grinds Challenge?

Aloha folks! We're gearing up for the next WOW Grinds Blind Taste Test Challenge. So far, the online poll shows a relative tie between Mac Salad, Teri Burger and Garlic Chicken as the next battle royale. To give people a chance to throw in some more votes, we'll wait until this Friday 10/2/09 to take a look at the votes and see what the next challenge will be. Thanks for voting and helping us select the next challenge.

News - Hank's Haute Dog Celebrates With Free Haute Dog

Just in case you haven't already heard, Hank's Haute Dog was recognized in Bon Appetit Magazine's article "Top 10 New Places for Hot Dogs."  Righteous Mr. Adaniya! In a Honolulu Adverstiser article, Mr. Adaniya said, "In celebration of the honor and for National Hot Dog Day, we are offering a free haute dog with a purchase of any dog on Sunday, July 19, 2009 at both the Coral Street and International Marketplace (abbreviated menu) locations." Eh, too good this guy. He celebrate his personal accomplishment by taking care of his customers with free grinds. That's cool. Check out the HA article for more details on this free haute dog day.

News - Another Coupon From Sugoi Bento

Sugoi Bento and Catering just posted a new coupon for their Plate Lunch of the Month. Their regular size chicken katsu plate for $6.50. I think regular price is about $7.75. So if my public school math skills are serving me well, that's about 16% off. Coupon expires 7/31/09. Here's the link Mahalos Sugoi!

News - Hip Hip Hooray! Dong Yang Is Not Closing!

About a month or two ago, we did a post to find out the truth behind a supa sad rumor about Dong Yang Inn possibly closing down. A few minutes ago, we received the following messages from some Dong Yang insiders...

"I am the second son of Mrs. Potts and I just wanted to let you know that Dong Yang Inn will not be closing any time soon. Please come by and see us because we will still be here. Mahalo Nui Loa."

"I have read some of your concerns and I have been hearing it from customers that have been coming by. We will not be closing so please come by and see us. FYI I am the second son of the owner. Mahalo Nui Loa."

감사합니다 (thank you) for the inside scoops and please tell your Mom (Ms. Potts) that we are relieved and over joyed to hear that Dong Yang Inn will live on. Long Live The Dong!

News - Dong Yang Closing?

I just heard from my bro who heard from his sister-in-law that she heard from somebody that Dong Yang Inn (Wahiawa), one of Hawaii's oldest and bestest Korean bbq, is shutting down. Something about their lease is up and won't be renewed and they not sure if they will reopen in another location. If anybody can confirm or deny this please let us know. If it's true, better get in my last few helpings of some of the best Korean grinds and meat jun (2nd place in the Meat Jun Mayhem).

Dear Dong Yang,
If you are closing, please reopen in another location...preferrably closer to my house...maybe in my I can't eat your grinds every day. LONG LIVE THE DONG!

Sugoi 15% Off Coupon

Just heard about this from a friend. Sugoi has a coupon on their website for 15% off a noodle plate which includes their yaki soba, yaki udon or chow fun plates with choice of meat. Expires 4/30/09. In case you was interested, here's the breakdown of the savings...

-The noodle plates run from around $7.25 to $8.60.
-With 15% off you save anywhere from about $1.09 to $1.29.
-Discount coupon price is about $6.16 to $7.31 (tax not included)

Pretty good deal knowing that Sugoi's gives pretty hefty size portions. Check out and print the coupon here Sugoi Coupon.