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Eat and a Smile

If you were about to die, what items would your last meal consist of and from where?

Mirugai Sushi from Sasabune (if its on the menu, if not Yohei Sushi) and a Pineapple Freeze from Hank's Haute Dog.

If there is such a thing as a personal food philosophy, what would yours be?

Food should make you happy, if you are not smiling don't eat it.

Have you ever tasted something so good, ate too much of it, and then vomited or felt like vomiting? What was the food? Did you vomit?

I have never vomited from good food, only bad food. I did feel so full once, in a restaurant, that I wanted to put two seats together and lie down.

Have you ever cursed or cried out in joy from eating something incredibly delicious? What was the food? What word did you say or sound did you make?

I am not a curser but I do say "Oh my God, this is good!!" The last time I said that was at Spicy Ahi and Sushi in Waimalu. For some reason the Yosenabe was good that day. I ate it again and it wasn't as good...very strange.

In your own mind, what makes you a good judge for this event?
I think I am a non-bias person. I love meat jun because I think I was Korean in my former life.

What are you looking for in a good meat jun?

Not too oily, not too much egg and a good marinated meat.