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Smells Like Fish

If you were about to die, what items would your last meal consist of and from where?

I probably have to include the En Fuego fish patty, spicy ahi and BBQ kalbi, KJ's fried chicken, some expensive brown rice from Marukai and ice cream from Bubbies. I'd also probably abduct the sushi chef from Sasabune and have him make me sushi till I kick the bucket.

If there is such a thing as a personal food philosophy, what would yours be?

Don't think, Just Eat...

Have you ever tasted something so good, ate too much of it, and then vomited or felt like vomiting? What was the food? Did you vomit?

Curry. It was actually part of a contest. Felt like it but never actually did.

Have you ever cursed or cried out in joy from eating something incredibly delicious? What was the food? What word did you say or sound did you make?

Yes, I probably cursed. It's probably sushi from Sasabune. It has something do with F---- -----! or Holy -----!.

In your own mind, what makes you a good judge for this event?
I fish, I know how to cut and clean fish, I love to eat fish...what more of a qualification is there?

What are you looking for in a good shoyu poke?

Great sauce...not too watery but able to glaze all of the cubed fish. Onions CANNOT over power the poke. Fish itself needs to be firm and evenly cut.