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Q: Why you guys doing this?

A: Just for fun. It's a good fun thing to do when getting together with friends. No big deal.

Q: How do you guys get the food before it gets cold and soggy?

A: We have several coordinators who are geographically assigned to get the food from certain places. Each coordinator goes out just before the tasting to get the food and bring it back so it is as fresh as possible. Of course it's not as fresh as eating it there, but it's as close as we can get. This is one of the compromises we need to make in order to do this kind of tasting.


Q: What if the servers tip off the judges about where the food is from?

A: The servers are also blind meaning that they don't know the identities of each food item. I think the scientists call this a "double blind" study. Before delivering the food to the blind servers , the coordinators mask the identities of each food item. When delivering the food, the coordinators, drop off the food to the preparation area, then leave, then the blind servers come in to begin preparing the foods to be served. We try to eliminate any cross contamination.


Q: How come you guys blocked out everyone's faces and don't show their names?

A: See the Identity Protection statement for an explanation.


Q: How you guys choosing where to get the foods from?

A: We trying to get foods from the so-called "best" or "winnah" places, so we ask family and friends, look on food blogs, do our own polls, check local reader polls, and look for media spotlights for possibilities. We make a big list, then whittle it down to a manageable number of places to blind taste.

Q: Why do I need to create an account to post a comment?

A: We changed it recently so you can leave a comment without creating a user account. We still review and approve everyone's comments before they get posted. We no like any kine people posting any kine comments on the site. We like keep the site family friendly so the kids can enjoy too. Your email will remain private and we not going give it out to anybody. Only the user name you create will be posted along with your comments.

Q: Do you guys accept home made foods to compete against the businesses?

A: Yes. If there is a home cook who has the cahones to issue a WOW Grinds Challenge, please tell them to leave a comment or contact us. Most likely, we will do a first round blind taste test to determine the top competitors from local eateries. Then we would put the homemade recipe up against the top 4 eateries from the first round.  We also accept challenges from local eateries who were not included in the first round blind taste test.

Q: So if something ranks low in your blind taste test does that mean it tastes bad? 
A: If something ranks low, it doesn't mean it tastes bad in general. Just that it ranked low in comparison to other ono foods. You could probably eat at almost any of the places and they would satisfy you. We just trying for see which one is the best of the best (Winnah Of the Winnah). Anyways, like we say in our disclaimer, everyone's taste is different, so you should go try for yourself and no need take our taste test results too seriously. Maybe try use our results as a guide to point you in the right direction, then decide for yourself which one is your fave.