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The Reason for WOW Grinds

In Hawaii, everything’s about food. We talk about eating, then we eat, then after we full from eating, we talk about eating some more. I’m not talking about fancy foods at the fine dining restaurants. I’m talking about food that we locals can’t seem to stop talking about. Local plate lunch grinds.


In my mind, the perennial question among local food lovers is “where is the best place to eat _____________?” You fill in the blank. Beef stew, chicken katsu, hamburger steak and the list goes on and on. But how do we find out which one really tastes the best?



The results of these taste tests represent only the subjective tastes and opinions of the judges involved and do not in any way reflect a definitive determination of the most "Winnah" food. Everyone's taste is different. So if you really want to see which food is the "Winnah", go to some of these places and try for yourself.

We know that the neighbor islands have some "Winnah" foods. But it's too hard to go neighbor island for us right now so we can't include them yet. Maybe we figure something out later.

Our Goal

To find the most winnah places to get different kinds of local grinds.

The Method

  1. Find the most “Winnah” places (on Oahu) to get a certain kind of local grinds.
  2. Mask the identities of the foods from the judge's and the servers (double blind).
  3. Bring them all to one location (the blind taste test location).
  4. Have a group of judges blind taste, side-by-side, and score each food.
  5. Rank the foods according to the judges’ average score.

For more on what is a blind taste test, go to

The Scoring System

We use a 10 point scoring system. 0 being something that is inedible, to 10 being something that blows you away. For the Beef Stew Bonanza, we asked the judge's to give


Judge's Briefing

Just before the tasting, the judge's are given a simple briefing to try and keep things somewhat standardized. We ask the judge's to adhere, as best as possible, to the following guidelines...


Identity Protection

To prevent any retaliation and backlash from local food lovers who may disagree with the content of this website, the names and identities of the judges and others involved have been protected. We understand that talking about good local grinds is serious business to local folks and we never like take any chances.


All editorials, photographs and other content are original work of this site unless otherwise noted. You are free to use any content, provided you kindly email us to let us know. See the Contact Us page of the website. Mahalos!

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