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Next Grinds Challenge - Mac Salad

Mahalos for voting and helping us select the next grinds challenge. It was a close race over the past week between garlic chicken, teri burger and mac salad. Edging out garlic chicken and teri burger by only couple votes was mac salad. This should be one interesting blind taste test because get so many styles of local style mac salad. Get the old skool spaghetti noodle kine, get some with tuna or relish inside, get some that's watery and some more on the dry side...all kines. Pretty soon we be posting the voting to see which mac salad legends will be selected to compete for the title of WOW (Winnah Of the Winnah) Mac Salad! Btw, the mac on the left if from Uptown Cafe...was ono with their hamburger steak!