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Welcome to WOW (Winnah Of the Winnah) Grinds

I sorry, but I getting tired hear about this place get the best beef stew and that place get the best hamburger steak and over dea get the best poke, or whatevah place get the best whatevah? And then I go try em and it's only OK. On top of that, times are hard and I like try make sure I no waste money on stuffs that not all that ono. So how I going find me where really get the best this and the best that? The other day I had one idea for how I maybe can find out.

What if, all the places that are supposedly the best places to get a certain kind of local food (e.g. best places for beef stew), all went head to head in a blind taste test? Yes, blind. Where the judges tasting the foods don’t know where the foods are from. And yes, head to head. Where the judges are tasting all of em at one location, side by side, so they can compare em right there. And the judges are everyday local folks like you and me. No reader polls, no popularity contests, no local food "experts", no loyalties to your favorite place, no forgetting how the other place went taste cause you ate em last month, no big name chefs, no small kid time memories, no ignorance. No nothing influencing the judges except the food. Which one will the judges like the best? Will the one you thought was the "Winnah" turn out to be the “Winnah of the Winnah”? I don’t know...maybe...we go try find out. Welcome to the Winnah Of the Winnah (WOW) Grinds Blind Taste Test Challenge.


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